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Paul McMillan

Still Life Painting
"Translucent Orchids II"
16" x 20"
Oil on Panel
No. 261

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In this nuevo classical Floral Still life Painting, "Transluencies of Orchid" an original oil on panel, I wanted to examine the beauties of a wonderful orchid that bloomed for the second time after many years of silence. I am still re-learnin how to paint in order to best show the sun lit translucencies of such delicate blossums along with and in admiration of the processes of the degrading leaves and such that come along with the moment of an incredibly wonderful blossum. Welcome again to my painted world in celebration of yet more orchid blossums and I hope a bit more every time I paint this subject....
Practice makes the perfect challenge for an artist like me in the pursuit of mastery of painting a subject such as translucent orchid blossum.

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