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Paul McMillan 
Surreal Geopolitical Painting
"The Death of Justice II"
36" x 48"
Oil on Panel
No. 268
In this Surreal Geopolitical Painting, "The Death of Justice II" an original oil on panel, I was attempting revisit my thoughts on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan now into its 14th year. I still feel there is some kind of death of Justice in this seemingly endless war.
This is my second version of this subject and after 14 years and I still have a feeling that the "Death of Justice" occurred somewhere in the flawed thinking as we went to our first so-called preemptive war against Saddam Hussen and terrorism. Some say there were no WMDs in Iraq which was why we went to war in the first place. What a mess!
Are you better off after 14 years of war?
None-the less, God bless America.

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