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Paul McMillan 
Imaginary Landscape Painting
"Hay Bales with Golden light"
16" x 20"
Oil on Panel
No. 270
In this luminous Landscape Painting, "Hay Bales with Golden Light" an original oil on panel, I was once again experimenting with the color yellow as a dominanant pallette color, i.e. a mother color blended in to everything in the painting as to elevate the near monochromic effect but yet having a few other colors showing in the shadows and darker places in the image to serve as complimentary accents to the basic color yellow. Also by using some of the sky color to mix in to all places in the image I try to push the atmospheric effects such as how much haze and luminosity. After teaching painting for a while I thought I would revisit the fundamentals and simply make about three lines on the panel and just go from there to see what might I develop out of the simplest of arrangements as to force myself to bring interest where there is very little in terms of objects to hide behind as an artist who doesn't generally know where or when to cease and desist in paint or verbiage,, and I love Hay Bales.
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