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Paul McMillan 
Imaginary Landscape Painting
"Misty Morning II"
16" x 20"
Oil on Panel
No. 271
In a Private Collection
In this luminous Landscape Painting, "Misty Morning II" an original oil on panel, I was making my second attempt to work from imagination out there in the mist, you know in the early morning when mist rises up from the water beside a weeping willow to give reference to the gradation of mist as the eyes dissolves into the softness of a luminous atmosphere somewhere out there in my thoughts which need soothing to start the day off in serenity and simplicity as my own thoughts illuminate. Again I chose a near monochromatic primary pallette with blushes of colors ever-so slightly offering presence to the eye as a compliment to the relative colors and mood of the painted image. I admit without shame that I got carried away with the aspects of the weeping willow in the still morning air gently gripping the draping canopy of the willow tree in an attempt to promote a 3-d effect as gently as possible in an oh-so-soft on the mind image of daybreak in the misty world that is what I imagine to be a heaven on earth for an old weeping willow.
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