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Paul McMillan 
Imaginary Landscape Painting
"Moonlit Tree and Hay_Bales"
24" x 30"
Oil on Panel
No. 273
In this luminous Night Scene Painting, "Moonlit Tree and Haybales" an original oil on panel, I was revisiting the virtues of simplicity in composition with one tree, some haybales, and a field spanning a bit of distance before a background of only a couple mountians or hills, if you will, that step in to infinity. Not to forget the physical cosmos where luminosity opens the heavens spangled with stars lead by the full moon just slightly having a ring around it giving radial shadows to the marching feel of the hay bales beside a tree in a soft field of imaginary peace and nocturnal serinity.
I am tempted to say I've been trying to use simplicity more and more in the arrangment of my paintings as the world seems to be getting more and more complex. Yes finding Peace in a painting would be pleasing to the spirit.
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