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Paul McMillan 
Pennsylvania Landscape Painting
"Sunset over Golden Rows of Corn"
24" x 30"
Oil on Panel
No. 274
In this luminous Night Scene Painting, "Sunset over Golden Rows of Corn" an original oil on panel, I am attempting to paint in response to a waveing field of corn which had just turned golden in the fall just before harvest. Yes I took artistic License and set the sun in haze where it would backlight the sparkling tassels and highlights on the way to dissolving in a luminous athsmosphere beginning to meld with a setting sun. This place is in the Laurel highlands right before Falling Water on the way to Farmington, PA. When I went back a week later all the corn stalks were gone.
Somewhere between reality and imagination this artwork was born to appease my desires for waving fields of golden corn rows in the land of plenty,
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