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Paul McMillan 
Southwestern Night Scene Painting
"Pueblo Bonito Night"
(from on-site studies)
24" x 30"
Oil on Panel
No. 276
In this luminous Southwestern Night Scene Painting, "Pueblo Bonito Night" an original oil on panel, I was again re-visiting an old friend of a subject in Chaco Canyon, NM. These ancient ruins arguably are the remains of and ancient culture we call the "Anasazi" Somewhere around 1,100 A.D. this was a flourishing Native American culture which posessed high science in thier day as noted by the surrounding land with roads running true North and South as well as light clocks marking spring and winter soltice and much more. What is arguably one the Anasazis' most incredible accomplishments is the Pueblo Bonito located in the Chaco wash. Old man time has had its say with this now ancient dwelling since the demise of this eloquent American culture, but there is still enough evidence left behind by them to stir the curious mind in to whirl-winds of wonderment and hypothesize as to where did these people go and what really went on out there in the middle of this ultra-arid and visually stark landscape that feels like the end of the Earth or the beginning of an incredible voyage into the great mystery of life that crawls up ones spine when standing in front of this crumbling pile of once masterly laid rock as the nocturnal winds stir sounds of the owners-past in the dusty eddies delivering grit on the wide-eyed-lids of dilated orbs in search of clues of lives past in spirits still now in habitation of a presence in the mysteries living in the shadowy recesses of mind available for a visit here at night. In my re-visitation of this subject I wanted open up the painting and let the viewer in a bit better as to enjoy their own interpretation of this living mystery in this magnificent relic of our great human American past
Pueplo Bonito is located in Chaco Canyon, NM (bring your own water)

Museum Quality / guilded / hand painted by artist Paul McMillan
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