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Paul McMillan Paintings

Burlington, Vermont Night Scene Painting
"Burlington Time Clock"
24" x 36"
Oil on Panel
No. 279
In this Vermont Night Scene Painting, "Burlington Time Clock", an original 24' x 36 inch oil on panel, I was inspired by the primitive appearance of a time clock located at the edge of Lake Champlain in south Burlington, Vermont. Yes, I know when the aliens come here is surely where they will land, but that is not my point. What I'm impressed with from this place is the big nights sky, so much so I decided to make a painting. After a bit of pondering I knew I needed a great nocturnal sky coalescing around a ringed moon in the company of twinkling spangled stars peering through vapor-like clouds giving illumination to this most beautiful spot where the natural cosmos and earthlings are engaged in a long dialogue about the meaning of the heavens above. Some how or other you can tell time from this spot if you know what your doing. According to my clock it's about 1:32am. All is well.