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Paul McMillan
McMillan Handlebar Simulator
for the PS4 Controller

-- The "McMillan Handlebar Simulator" unit is designed for racing the "T T Isle of Man "Ride on the Edge" #1, a Video Motorbike Racing Game.
-- This unit holds and operates a PS4 Controller and is Plug and Play for the Playstation 4 or the PC
-- The T. T. Isle of Man is a GREAT Motorbike Simulation Race Game. It's the only Video Game I play and wheels and
joysticks just don't feel right for racing a Motorbike Simulation Game.
-- Motorcyclist need Handlebars to get the most FUN out of the Game, and that's why I built it!
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YOUTUBE links below,
-- McMillan Handlebar Simulator / ps4 Controller for racing the T T Isle of Man Ride on the Edge #1 Go to Youtube Video Link
-- McMillan Handlebar Simulator Assembly Video Go to youtube Video Link
-- McMillan Handlebar Simulator / Time Attack, 15:40 my 2nd best Lap Time Go to Youyube Video Link
-- McMillan Handlebar Simulator / Tourist Trophy, start in Last place and pass 9 Riders in 1 Lap 16:03 Go to Youtube Video Link
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