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"Last Painter Leaves Martyrs' Lane"
Audio Book and PDF Book Copy
on a
Thumb Drive

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Brochure / info
Brochure / front cover,
4.5 x 5.5 inches
Front and Back


Audio Book
37 Short Stories
Recorded by Paul McMillan
12 hours:
---Wav files / 16bit / 7.7 GB
--- Mp3 files / 1.62 GB
( yes, both Wav and Mp3 files
are included )
And a
PDF Book Copy
37 Short Stories
Written by Paul McMillan
261 pages / 70 color images
8.5 x 11 inches
View on Laptop or PC
PDF / 25.9 MB
both on a
Thumb Drive
( Plug and Play )
on compatable device
Inside Brochure
Play Audio Book on
How to find and
open PDF Book Copy
Helpfull Info
has 4 files:
1.) Audio Book files
Wav / 16bit
High Quality
2.) Audio Book files
Lower Quality
3.) PDF Book Copy
View on Computer
Print Pages or Book
4.) PDF User Info.
License Info.
Delivered via US Mail
Paul McMillan
-- 37 Short Stories ( including songs and music written by Paul McMillan )
-- Recorded by artist Paul McMillan
-- 12 hours:
-- Wav files / 16bit /1536 kbs / monaural / 12 hours / Best Audio Quality 7.7 GB ( to big to download )
-- Mp3 files / 320kps / stereo / 12 hours / Lower Quality 1.62GB ( to big to download )
-- Yes, you get both a High Quality 16bit Wav Audio files and Mp3 Audio files ( separate files included )
-- Audio Book is included on a Thumb Drive ( Wav and Mp3 files )
-- Delivered via US Mail
-- Free Shipping for this item via US Mail
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Audio Book and PDF Book Copy
on a Thumb Drive
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