Paul McMillan Paintings

Why Painting Numbers are Not in Order of Creation?
See Example Below with Explanation


Time & Space

(first version)

24" x 30"

Oil on Panel

No. 153

Original Sold
In this oil on panel I wanted to express the elements of time and space by creating an arrangement that showed "Man" involved in time and space, and to acknowledge that we can only see a glimpse into someone else's life on their voyage into the future through their own time and space.

EXAMPLE; No.153 is the First Version of this Painting; No.111 is the Second Version
EXPLANATION # 1 Simply put, When the digital camera became available I had over eighty paintings which were not photographed properly if at all. An accurate crononagy has not been possible since early paintings get photographed and given a number for the files years after creation.

EXPLANATION # 2 (sense of humor required) My painting numbers are not in numerical order, as to confuse the historians who will most certainly pretend to know it all about my wonderfully fascinating life and artwork, after my death (a long time from now I hope) as they wildly escalate the market worth of my precious, precious paintings through a "Limited Edition" (dead painters don't talk or make more paintings) investment quality world wide advertising campaign selling my artworks as examples of the most important surrealistic genius that has ever been celebrated or who is likely to ever be celebrated by the critics, academia, market place, and the totality of known art history, even though I have been mostly poor and virtually unknown through out this time of unlimited global information even as we now experiance real and sustainable world peace with happiness and justice for all in a new world order achieved through non violent democratic processes which leaves nobody out, including my dachshund who is a known liar but still tells people that I make him do tricks for his food.

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