"McMillan Oil Painting Technique"
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1. McMillan Oil Painting Technique-Overview
A good and sound technique that allows me to control the sharp and soft aspects of the painted image
as well as the surface textures of the artwork. I want my paintings to be lasting and durable. I strive to
perfect my technique and enjoy the process of making paintings.
2. Buttery Smooth, Virtually Brushstroke Free Painting Surfaces and why?
a. How to have detail in the image and smooth blended surfaces at the same time.
b. How to remove brushstrokes with out the loss of detail.
c. How to have control of your medium and have both, texture and smoothness at different areas of the painting.
3. Preparing a Smooth Surfaced Panel,
a. Surface Preparation
b. Rabbit skin glue
c. Applying a Tooth Coat so the paint won't skid around while blending
d. Canvas versus Panel
4. Making a Medium-Overview
a. Ingredients
b. Making a Medium that will give you control of blending,details and surface textures
c. Glazing mediums
c. Controlling the drying times of a medium
5. Preparing a Pallette
a. Choosing color pigment
b. Mixing color pigments with medium
c. Arranging a palette
d. Preparing a primary color pallete
e. Preparing a modified color pallette
f. Preparing a night scene pallette
g. Preparing concentrated colors
6. Painting The Image,
a. Choosing brushes
a. How to have a virtually brushstroke free painting surface that has both softness and detail.
b. Controlling how much brushstroke or texture to leave in a painting for effect
c. Removing brush hairs from a wet painting
c. How to make corrections or continue on a dried painting
d. How to remove the lint from a dried painting
7. Glazing and Touching Up the Painting
a. Glazing as a medium
b. Continuing a dried painting by glazing on the new work
c. Glazing on new details
8. Varnishing the Finished Painting-Overview
a. Preparing a dried painting for varnishing
b. Applying varnish to the surface of a finished painting
c. Removing the brushstrokes from wet varnish
d. Removing the lint from dried varnish
d. Choosing how much sheen; wet, glossy, satin

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