Paul McMillan
Art Classes
Private Instruction / Group Instruction
I am interested in offering art classes / instruction. Private instruction and group lessons.
There are several types of instruction I would like to make available based on interest.

Oil painting /Acrylic
Brief questions for potential students:

If you are interested in classes What level would you be interested in taking?


Would you be better served learning Technique to use in your own style, or a style that I have experience in painting?

Feel welcome to go to my home page and look at what I have to offer in each genre / theme that I paint to see examples of my work.

My goal as a teacher is to offer my technique and my years of experience in the pleasurable act of creating beautiful works of art. I have taught both private instructions and group workshops and always have enjoyed the mutual rewards of the teaching environment.

My ernest thanks to the artists and community here in Pittsburgh for all of the support for which I am truly grateful. Please let me know how I may best contribute my talents and skills as an artist wishing to teach in the Pittsburgh community.

Warmest regards,

Paul McMillan
321 S. Graham St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
412 320 5148
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