Paul McMillan Paintings
Photos Showing the Surface Texture of a Paul McMillan Painting.
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Surface Textures are easily seen in these close ups of the surface of this Night Scene Painting. "Night Buggy" 11" x 14" Oil on Panel, No167

Collectors and interested art appreciators have informed me that understanding the Surface Textures of Paintings is a shortcoming of viewing an artwork on-line. I hope these photos of the surface of one of my paintings will help show the general surface textures of my paintings.
The smooth finely blended surfaces of my oil paintings quite similar to Dutch Masters and Hudson River paintings regarding the textures of the painted surfaces. I make my own medium which is the basic Mastic, Beeswax, and Oil, a formula used for centuries. I do not use lead in my medium. I buff out the lint and particulate from the painting surface without altering the surface texture of the artwork and apply a very thin coat of varnish to protect the painting without changing the surface sheen of the painting.

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