Paul McMillan

  Figurative Self Portrait Painting
"The Unveiling of Thought"
24" x 30"
Oil on Panel
No. 185

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Surface Texture Information
Surface Texture Information
In this figurative self portrait painting, "The Unveiling of Thought," an original oil on panel, I am attempting to speak to the mystery of thoughts, that which is in the head, but is a window to the heart and soul of what and who we are at our core when we stand naked before our own thoughts in a mirror of what reflects back to one's self about their self when searching for the understanding of a lover's thoughts that are at hand, if you will, in the spirit of love and desire. Thusly there is a penny for your thoughts on the black table to the lower left of the image, as well there is a piece of transparent tape to hold things together if needed.
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