Paul McMillan

Northeastern Night Scene Painting

"Hay Bales, Threshers, and Moonlight"
Oil on Panel
No. 188
In this Northeastern Night Scene Painting, "Hay Bales, Threshers, and Moonlight," I was trying to make a play on the relationship between these two old friends: a thresher and hay bales that visit each other each season of the year, a language of harvest on the stage in the same field every year, hopefully. Every year, directed by the seasons, when the nocturne and silence and the night cosmos seem to let them speak to each other at the time of harvest, when I look on this serene scene of bounty, and relationship of nature and man's machines, I feel the sense of emotional security that comes from what the good earth provides and a sense that we're involved in something that's been going on since the beginning, way before us. The bounty and the cycles of nature and the working of the fields should be celebrated.
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