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Paul McMillan
"Dia de los Muertos," or "Day of the Dead" still life painting

"Día de los Muertos"
( Day of the Dead )
16" x 20"
Oil painting on Panel
No. 187
Showing Honors;
---2009 "Dia de Los Muertos" exhibit, Bakersfield Museum of Art, Bakersfield, CA
---2011 Best of Show, "Westmoreland Art Nationals," Latrobe, PA
---2014 Jurors Award, 91st Annual Spring Shown, Erie PA
---2014 Award, "Dia de los Muertos" exhibit, Sponsored by the Tonantzin Society, Topeka, KS

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Sombrero and Skull
Guitar and Hands
Ribcage and Guitar
Money, Cards, Rug
Left hand Fretting Guitar
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Raised Texture Example
In this ,"Dia de los Muertos painting", or "Day of the Dead painting", a surreal still life titled Dia de los Muertos an original oil on panel, I am attempting to speak to the spirit of life that is with the living even after those beloved to us are departed. The spirit of song contains the soul of the singer and the song writer beyond their lives and continues to affect lives. Life has many games that one can choose to play, both good ones and bad ones. So to speak, we draw the cards we get and hopefully we play them well.
When I was a child we lived in Del Rio, Texas and my father would take me with him to what was then Villa Acuna, Mexico and go the bar in Ma Crosby's Restaurant where he would have the bartender enlist an old cantina guitar player and pay him to play while my dad enjoyed a few Carta Blanca beers and having a smoke while enjoying life. 
The level of detail in this "day of the dead painting" was most challenging and is not recommended for beginners. It took me fifty two years.
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