Paul McMillan

 Surreal Paintings
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Four Panels, each 30" x 24"
No. 117
In this Surreal Painting , "Masks," a Four-Set of original oils on panel, I wanted to create Surreal Mask Images on four separate panels in a grouping for a Surreal "Geo Political" Painting as an entry in an up-coming "Family Values" juried art exhibit (a play on the political rhetoric of the day, during an election year) held at the Taos Art Association's now defunct Stables Art Gallery.
It being an election year, there was too much going on to speak to it all, so I let daily events provide subject matter. Apologetically, the television news provided me with much surreal resource material for three of the four painting images. Since we are "all in it together" I wanted to paint
Mask images of Black, Red, Yellow, and White faces involved equally if not somewhat interchangeably in the Surreal Human Geo Political behaviors of the times, such as Revolution, Religion, Negotiations, and Money.
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