Paul McMillan

 Surreal Mask Painting

  "Illness of Money"
#4 of a 4 set
30 x 24
Oil on Panel
No. 120
This Surreal Mask Painting, "Illness of Money," an original oil on panel, is the Fourth in a Four-Set "Geo Political Surreal Paintings" of Mask Images.
Having only a white mask left by logical deduction I struggled for subject matter in this image with much more difficulty than all three of the previous mask images combined. I found inspiration on the Television once again, where the Late Night Economists were discussing the trillion-dollar deficit with much gloom and doom for the economic forecast. Their pale, pasty white financial faces were sad indeed if not ill looking while discussing the Trickle Down Economic turmoils of the day.
For this painting I chose an ill looking White man mask and the symbol of the all mighty dollar.

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