Paul McMillan

 Surreal Mask Painting

 "Righteous Indignation"
#2 of a 4 set
30" x 24"
Oil on Panel
No. 118

This Surreal Mask Painting, "Righteous Indignation," an original oil on panel, is the Second in a Four-Set of "Geo Political Surreal Paintings" of Mask Images.

I found subject matter while sitting on the front porch of my tiny apartment on Martyrs Lane, Taos NM, enjoying my new hat that I was so fond of, and thinking about where in the world would I ever find the subject for my next Mask painting, When a Native American man who was severely inebriated walked by the front porch and stopped, looked me straight in the eyes in a way that I will not soon forget. I stared back trying not to show weakness, hoping that he would impart to me some fragment of an incredible wisdom passed down from the ancient ones, and then after a weaving wind up, he said"&@%# YOU CUSTER ! I said "What?" and then he screamed at me saying that he was a spiritual person and that without him the Sun would not rise! I responded by congratulating him for his closeness to God and asked if there was any possible way that he could help the rest of us out into the light. It's odd that even blind drunk he was capable of cursing me out in English, Spanish, and his Native Tongue, which is more than I can do sober.

I retreated to the interior of my studio and began to sketch this painting. The symbol in the painting is the Zia.

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